Henry Sternweis + Henriette Josephine Boehme

3 children
Birth: November 10, 1904
Death: August 21, 1913
Birth: January 6, 1908
Death: August 21, 1913
Birth: November 27, 1912
Death: August 21, 1913
Birth: April 2, 1870
Death: August 21, 1913

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"Henry Sternweis, wife and three children were murdered and then cremated in the ruins of their home sixteen miles northwest of Dubuque. All of the buildings on the farm were burned excepting one and rags saturated with kerosene were found in the this building." [Published in the Spirit Lake Beacon, August 28, 1913.]

A newspaper article published in the Rock Island Argus and available at ChroniclingAmerica.loc.gov suggests that the deaths were a quadruple murder and suicide committed by Henry Sternweis.

A coronor's inquest was planned, but I have not been able to find the report. -KPB

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Murder and Suicide Theory is Established
Iowa Authorities Believe Mrs. Sternweis Killed Husband and Children Before Destroying Self.

It was positively declared today that the body found in the burned barn at the Sternweis home, where the family of five perished, was that of Mrs. Sternweis. This was determined when gold and other false teeth were discovered in the ashes of the ruins. The authorities take this as proof that Mrs. Sternweis murdered her husband and three children, burned the farm buildings, and then committed suicide. The funeral for the five dead was held today.
Question of which died first, husband, wife or children, may determine the dispostion of the estate, which is now believed to be worth fully $100,000.

[Published in the Salt Lake Herald-Republican, August 24, 1913.]

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